Magnetization and Measurement for Electric Motor

A well dynamically balanced rotor does not only mean a minimized vibration of weight asymmetry, but also means a uniform excitation force in all direction. In another word, the homogeneity of magnets which are assembled on the rotor plays a key role to this requirement. Our automated service provides:

  • Magnetization

  • Measurement 

  • Sorting

  • Numbering

*The price per piece is calculated based on geometry, material grade and total volume. Contact us for more detail. 

Technological advantages

The measurement, sorting and numbering processes provide full traceability of each magnet. Weight and flux/moment values are stored in a computer or uploaded to a server. A number and a bar code are given for each magnet. In the subsequent assembly, these data are used to achieve a homogeneous waveform of the rotor. 

Cost advantages

Thanks to the close location from your magnet suppliers, the cost is optimized, just to match your budget and goal of cost down. The service is beyond a guarantee of quality. You will benefit from cost saving of no without any investment of machine, no expansion of production and no additional manpower.

Management advantages

Data exchange and full statistical report make the quality control more efficient. The quality issue will be solved locally, just close to your suppliers. It is not just about saving time.