Material Inspection Service

Simulation of working condition is a critical test to reveal the lifetime of a final product. W-testing provides inspection services to control the quality of product batches.

The accelerated aging service provides:  

  • customized solution of a test under different working conditions

  • Simulation with high temperature and corrosion

  • physical or chemical analysis

Not only to ensure each verified magnetic specification, but also to ensure a long term reliable working performance, sometimes even an unchanged combination of the material substances shall be regulated for the manufacturer. Once the client has verified and validated all the specifications of one type of product, it may not be allowed to change any specification without notice. Therefore, a complete test and inspection solution is the only guarantee of long-term homogeneous quality.




BH Hysteresis Test
Surface Strength Test
Magnetic Flux/Moment Test
Magnetic Axis Test
Salt Spray Test
determination of magnetic properties
determination of magnetic field strength at any spatial point or surface
based on 1- or 3-axis-Helmholtz-coil
based on 3-axis-Helmholtz-coil
determination of material loss rate in a corrosive environment
determination of corrosion resistance of coating
additional simulation of high temperature working condition
additional simulation of high temperature working condition